Original xglurbules screenshots.

Xglurbules on freshports instead

This is a bizarre little particle system program I wrote and keep writing, it's just my experiments with maths, computing power and graphics. I don't expect it will keep anyone else interested, but some folks have taken a gander now and then and some even seem to like it so I'll keep it up. (Although I could do with writing it well, it was an early c project!)

Version 1.2 : (ancient) xglurbules-1.2.tar.gz

Less Ancient....

The possibly newest version: new xglurbules-3.3.tar.gz has some small changes and some asm removals for ia64 hardware.

Find the latest release at the freshports.

Most likely I'll have updated the freebsd port before I've updated this page.

The latest fixes include :

This code is all copyright Stephen Roome 199x - whenever.. I did a copyright notice somewhere else and it's much like the beerware license. Let me know if you like it and if you like it a lot buy me a beer.
If you don't like it or it crashes your machine, sorry, not everything is perfect yet but I think we're all working on it slowly.

Ta for looking
- steve

When I originally wrote this I was steve@pepcross.com but these days it please send me mail at steve.roome@gmail.com or me@stephenroome.com