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With experience ranging from running small office systems and writing network software to running large scale multiple data centre and SAN based setups I bring a wide range of knowledge of all types of network hardware and software. As a programmer I can often automate lengthy and tedious work for support staff and enjoy working as part of a team to provide solutions one can take pride in. I have experience running my own company and the full cycle from the initial pitch as the director through to reliably managing a good long term service for clients.

Key Skills

System Administration/Programming FreeBSD, SunOS/Solaris, HP-UX, Linux (Redhat/CentOS, SuSE, Ubuntu, Debian, ESX Server, SELinux), Windows, DG-UX, IRIX, OSX
Network management Cisco IOS and similar (TCP and also comms with GSRs, VOIP Softswitches, DSLAMs and MSANs)
Software Development Perl, C/C++, Shell Script, (PL/)SQL, Lisp, Python, PHP, Java, tcl/tk and many others
Build/Change Management Subversion, PVCS, CVS, SCCS, RCS, git, Perforce etc.
Project Management experienced managing IT Projects from initial pitch to final decommissioning.
Network services File and Mail Servers (sendmail, postfix, courier, cyrus, qmail, NEXOR), Apache, Zeus, BIND, LDAP, SSH, chargen, NTPD, xFTPd ...
DBA MySQL (v3 onwards), Oracle, PostgreSQL, Redbrick and Sybase.
Network protocols UDP, TCP/IP, HTTP, NFS, YP/NIS(+), DNS, (E)SMTP, POP/IMAP(S), SSH/SSL ...
Storage solutions software/hardware RAID, SANs, LVM, JBOD, Veritas, Vinum, geom, NFS, NAS, SMB/CIFS
Mac/WindowsWindows 3.x/95/98/NT/2000/2003/XP and MacOS from System 2/3 onwards to OSX (10.5)
Web CGI, ajax, Plone, Zope, PHP, CGI, Java and Javascript on ISS/Apache/Tomcat/NAS/NES/etc. (webmaster since 1994)
Hardware good experience with unix server hardware, Sun (SPARC/Opteron), PA-RISC (HP), ARM (various) and x86 unix servers.

Employment History

iPhone and OSX Application Development. June 2009 - June 2010

I am currently working on two Applications for iPhone: one a puzzle game and the other a music/instructional app.
Code is being developed and tested on Mac OS X, iPhone and also FreeBSD/Linux.

Airbus (UK) - 3rd Line Unix Support May 2008 - June 2009

Operational support and responsibility of BAe and Airbus UK systems (hundreds of Solaris/HP-UX/Linux/AIX servers) running NIS, clustering (Veritas/LSF), NFS, web, ftp (and samba), licensing, mathematical and simulation software, Oracle, MySQL and Apache.

As the last line in the operational support chain the responsibility for all the UK based Unix servers stopped with me and as such the role required not only a wide understanding of systems but in an environment that was at times highly paced it also required me to delegate effectively and at quieter times to mentor and encourage junior staff within the twenty strong support team under me.

Major Achievements: Successful and safe upgrade of live server SAN and the relocation of a numerical analysis server farm. The role also required me to be security cleared.

Pepcross Computing [ Director / Freelance IT Consultant ] 1998 - May 2008

Provided consultancy and IT services for a number of clients through Pepcross Computing. Provision of secure web, DNS, email and webmail services, network storage, Plone/Zope/Horde/CMS servers, routers, switches and firewalls. Design/build/config and also handovers of complete systems to companies of greatly varying technical competence. Acting as an advisor and providing a wide range of network, server and desktop equipment and writing bespoke software where my clients have required it. Occasionally this also included bringing other temporary staff on board and running slightly larger projects. Experience managing projects from pre-sales through to handovers and decomissioning.

Tiscali UK Ltd. [ NOC Engineer ] Oct 2007 - Feb 2008

Administration and maintenance of FreeBSD, Solaris, Linux (ubuntu & redhat) and Network infrastructure (LLU/Backhaul/VOIP/IPTV). Considerable use of Cisco/Huawei IOS Based GSRs, DSLAMS, MSANS, switches (including VOIP "Softswitches"), routers and various firewall devices (OpenBSD/Linux/Checkpoint).

Achievements: Scripting of changes and roll outs across 1500+ network devices with multiple target Operating Systems.

EGG Plc./Keane Ltd. [ Release Manager ] Aug 2005 - Apr 2006

Managed and oversaw the majority of all change requests including bug fixing, support and code releases from development to one of sixteen test environments. Extensive use of Solaris, Windows, PVCS, Vignette StoryServer, Oracle, mysql, GTX, Iplanet, SunONE, JAS, NAS and BEA Topend.

Programming of perl libraries and provision of utilities to interface StoryServer and PVCS with command line and automated utilities. These utilities were widely accepted and have enabled safer automation of code drops and changes such that often an entire week's workload has been run reliably in just a few minutes.

Reverse engineered StoryServer protocol and then wrote scripts and perl libraries to replace laborious and error prone manual GUI only tasks.

Lonres.com Ltd. [ I.T. Build Management/Architecture Consultant ] May 2005 - Aug 2005

Bought in as a temporary consultant to bring forward development timescales and reorganise the work flow such that Lonres could release new software to clients on schedule.

Work revolved around migrating code from FreeBSD, Windows and Mac development machines to live servers through the test environments. Much work was focused on improving the build environment and training the permanent staff on best-practices. The role involved upgrades to version control software (CVS and subversion) and the move of code between the old and new systems. We also created custom builds of mysql and the FreeBSD OS. We were able to track down changes in the many code bases and resolve performance issues on Lonres' heavily loaded database servers. The role required extensive use of in-house and open source build and release management systems, FreeBSD, Linux (redhat, suse, and debian), MySQL and C programming and compilation on unix and windows NT.

EGG Plc./Keane Ltd. [ Release Engineer ] April 2004 - April 2005

(see above)

Big Red Square [ Pre-Sales Consultant ] May 2003 - March 2004

Working with government agencies as suppliers of consultancy services and with several smaller local businesses this was a wide role. The majority of the work was pre-sales consultancy.

BT Connect to Business: [ Systems Consultant ] Jan 2003 - May 2003

Solaris ( 2.6/2.8 ) and NetApp system and application administration. Server network architecture restructuring. Process re-engineering, documentation and change management. Extensive use of NEXOR mailer, Zeus/apache/netscape webservers and balancers, BT ADSL RADIUS, PVCS, Sun build tools. Database programming and mentoring junior programmers in C/C++, PL/SQL, Perl and shell scripts. Installation of SSH across all BT Connect servers. Also extensive use of " Netcool ISM " , OmniJava, SNMP and Clarify.

Various Clients [ Freelance ] 2001 - 2002

Implemented a video ( mpeg ) storage and streaming system for Billco/DDB. Various network security and computer systems consultancy, including specification of servers, workstations and networking equipment and overall IT strategies. Data recovery ( from damaged and corrupted hardware ) for various clients.

RSL Finland [ Billing Systems Consultant ] January 2001

Administration and configuration of main billing systems producing telephone bills for all Finnish customers. Configuration of Sybase, Kenan Arbor billing system and HPUX-11i.

University of the West of England [ Web/Unix Consultant ] 2001

Designed, implemented and rolled-out privacy and anti-virus code to a mixed environment of 35,000 Windows NT and Unix users. Maintenance and security of Solaris based Unix infrastructure. Web proxy/cache server farm speedups ( a 4000% improvement ) . Ensured 100% web availability during the initial ten week busy period at the start of the academic year.

Hewlett Packard [ IT Audit Manager/Senior Systems Administrator ] 1999 - 2001

HP-UX Server and Redbrick/Oracle/Sybase Database Administration. Supervision of junior system and database administrators on HP-UX and linux (redhat). Ran a cross-department audit of unix systems. Transferral of all users to centrally controlled NFS/NIS system. Specification and purchases of N and V class servers. Relocation of department's servers to new premises. Database programming ( PL/SQL ) , change control and troubleshooting for project teams.

British Airways [ Systems Support Consultant ] 1998 - 1999

Maintenance, tuning and troubleshooting new software builds for the central flight booking systems. Shell scripting, C/C++, PL/SQL on Oracle, documentation and configuration management ( PVCS and CVS ) Performance tuning 600GB databases mounted on Veritas and Sun Solaris 2.5.1/2.6. Specification, analysis and acquisition of a Sun E10000 system.

I.N.T. Ltd. [ System Architect / Project Manager ] 1998

Initiated and ran " Inty " project about which the company was formed. Managed all product changes and build environments and handled initial programming and design work before moving on to handle the overall release process. C/C++, Perl, and Unix kernel modifications, network stacks. DNS, NIS/NIS+, samba, ftp, AppleTalk, firewall code modifications. Pre- and post- sales consultancy.

Vision Interactive Ltd. ( became Owtanet now defunct ) [ Network Administrator ] 1996 - 1998

Administration, purchase, build and maintenance of all computer and network equipment (MacOS/FreeBSD/Linux/Microsoft/Novell and DOS). Expanded network infrastructure from one modem dial-up to locally hosting large sites.

Composers Desktop Project [ Real-Time Audio Programmer ] 1996

Realtime Audio development using Microsoft Visual C++ (C/C++/assembler) creating GUI controlled real time audio effects and signal processing.

BT [ Trainer/Internet Advisor ] 1994 - 1995

After a lot of initial phone answering I somehow ended up on the team that decided on the web agency to build the initial corporate BT website.

I was also involved in Quality control and training for telephone support staff.


1992 - 1996: University of Bristol : BSc (Hons.) Computer Science

Final year project: "The guitarists toolbox" - Focussing on artificial intelligence approaches in audio applications.

1987 - 1992: Bedford School 1987

A-levels in Maths, Physics and Electronics.
AO-Level Maths and 11 GCSEs


I have taken a fairly active interest in FreeBSD since 1995 and I am the maintainer of a FreeBSD "port" and listed as a contributor to the Operating System. It has been my regular OS of choice since FreeBSD 2.1-RELEASE in 1996.

I play guitar, am an accomplished skydiver and have flown a fair few different aircraft and started working towards a pilots licence. I speak French (though I am a bit out of practice) and hold a full and clean UK driving license.
I have at times undergone govt. security clearances which may still be valid.

An online version of this document is available at http://stephenroome.com/cv.html